pydiffx is a Python implementation of the DiffX specification.

DiffX is a proposed specification for a structured version of Unified Diffs that contains metadata, standardized parsing, multi-commit diffs, and binary diffs, in a format compatible with existing diff parsers. Learn more about DiffX.

This module is a reference implementation designed to make it easy to read and write DiffX files in any Python application.


  • Python 2.7

  • Python 3.6

  • Python 3.7

  • Python 3.8

  • Python 3.9

  • Python 3.10

  • Python 3.11


pydiffx can be installed on Python 2.7 and 3.6+ using pip:

pip install -U pydiffx

Using pydiffx#

DiffX files can be managed through one of two sets of interfaces:

To get familiar with these interfaces, follow our tutorials: